A weekend retreat dedicated to exploring the energetic medicine of botanical dye, reclaiming the sensuality of ritual & bathing in radical self love, guided by the light of the moon + nourishment of the sun.  

Come out to the country to experience alchemy, connect with the botanical world, create a talismanic outfit, get in your body & surrender fully into yourself. 

Suntrap Botanical + Blood, Bone & Honey will be your gracious hosts, keeping you well-fed in body, mind & soul, + holding you through this unique, nourishing & transformative experience. 

Geraldine of Suntrap Botanical will introduce + guide you through the magick that is botanical dye & plant medicine as you create your own ritualistic garment. 

Sarah of Blood, Bone & Honey will lead a workshop centered around the reclamation of our self-care practices from the patriarchy, as well a movement medicine class to get us in our bodies + in-touch with the Goddess within. Sarah will also be offering mini Boudoir sessions in the meadow where you will adorn your sweet body in your botanical dyed garment & feel like an absolute Queen of the wildflowers. 

Come to unravel, surrender + transform, & leave well-fed -

 in body, in mind, in soul, in connection to Mother Earth. 

The Nitty Gritty: 

Location & Food:  

The retreat will take place at Suntrap Farm in Brooktondale, NY. Suntrap Farm is a small herb farm + ecological regeneration project. Participants will camp out under the stars, eat nourishing, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan friendly meals, & connect with each other + themselves during this late summer retreat. If you have any dietary preferences, please be in touch as we are happy to accomodate all bodies & needs. 


Tent camping on site included in ticket price. Glamping options across the road at Suntrap Farm’s neighbors, Shelterbelt Farm, available for booking here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/26668992?guests=1&adults=1#neighborhood  

The Garment:  

Each participant will need to select a garment to transform into their talismanic outfit. The garment can be anything as long as it is comprised entirely of natural fibers (i.e. : cotton, hemp, linen, flax, silk, wool, rayon, etc). We will share a few of our favorite shops for finding vintage & used garments perfect for natural dye. We ask that you send your selected garment to Suntrap Farm as soon as possible so that we can begin the process of preparing the garment (washing, scouring, mordanting) so that by the time August 16th rolls around, it will be ready to yield a rich botanical hue.  

You in, Babe?

Investment: $497 

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I am so proud of myself for doing this work I honor my desire to feel nourished I vibrate with the frequency of my investment I can't wait to feel well-fed, seen & held in sisterhood  

(Big round of applause for you!!!)  

A 'lil bit 'bout the Womxn behind the Retreat: Sarah & Geraldine 

Sarah is a full-time intersectional feminist, part-time witch, doula in training and an internationally exhibited photographer, filmmaker, writer, dancer and femmepire running badass who lives to raise womxn and femmes up. Through her business, Blood, Bone & Honey she offers visual and energetic services to support womxn and femmes in reclaiming and birthing their sensuality, sexuality, self-healing, businesses, babies and power. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University with a focus in feminist thought because #fuckthepatriarchy. She is so incredibly elated to cultivate coventry through this very special, one of a kind, retreat amongst the wildflowers.

Geraldine of Suntrap Botanical 

Geraldine is a passionate apothecarian and cultivator of medicinal plants. Her mission is to observe systems of the natural world so she may recreate their intuitive designs on the farm and in her life. She founded Suntrap Botanical in 2015 to be the conduit through which her background in clinical herbalism, organic farming, and art flow together and become one. Geraldine is captivated by the melding of alchemy & energetic plant medicine that is bound up in the art of Botanical Dye + can’t wait to share this special medicine with you.

We are so exicited to support you! Big love xo