Big Love, Sweet Spells & Blessings Abundant, Goddess! We are about to make some Magick together with a Blood, Bone & Honey Clarity Call. 

Gettin' Booked n Busy Checklist:

Read about what to expect from this call & get your system primed + prepped

Book your preferred date + time on the calendar provided

Fill out & Submit your Clarity Questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled call 

The focus of our call * Where in your life you want to feel more seen, more held, more nourished, more fulfilled, more aligned, more purposeful * What it looks like to lead a life that reflects a tuned-in, turned-on, turned-up, grounded down, space taking, agency making expression of yourself (releasing mindset blocks to open your capacity for expansion) * Which big internalized stories, restrictive emotional & energetic patterns, + specific challenges are in the way of you living a life where you feel well fed & well f*cked in body, mind, soul + spirit #amen (this will speak to the focus of your embodiment work) 

The Result of our Time Together

We get the juice, the tea, the real deal on what is coming up in your system, what level of support is of service to your needs & the opportunity to opt in to a private container customized + calibrated to your growth, expansion & surrender into the most nourished, grounded, powerful, version of yourself. 

Basic Call Prep

* The call is 35 min, however I recommend blocking off an additional 20/30 min to offer time for grounding down afterwards. You can book your call on the calendar below.

* Ensure your environment supports the holding of private sacred space - I invite you to bring something cozy n' high vibe to sip on if you'd like + a pen & journal for notes. 

* Please complete & return your Clarity Questionnaire below at least 48 hours before your scheduled clarity call. The questionnaire provides me with the basic information I need to offer you an aligned service recommendation! 

***Please note: If the Calendar & Clarity Questionaiire are not showing up on your screen, be sure to turn off your pop-up blockers!

See you soon, Goddess! XO